The biggest absurds in the IT industry

August 2nd, 2020The biggest absurds in the IT industry

I am a developer since 2018, so I think that I am still not that experienced to speak up. But, I know I can freely discuss even the most controversial and unspoken topics. We all can do that, so let us do something about it!

First of all, what do you think about the IT industry? 🤔

Our programming world for sure is not the best when it comes to landing a job, learning new technologies quickly, or whatsoever. However, some things hurt me so badly, and they are so ridiculous that they badly affect our industry.

In this post, I will let you know only the small, but maybe the most meaningful amount of disadvantages that our beautiful, coding industry has.

The eight biggest absurds in IT industry are:

1. Teens

You are an experienced programmer, you outstand from most graduates, but you’re still in high school, sorry, but we don’t like that you’re 16.

Recruiters around the world say that your age does not matter when it comes to the recruitment process. Moreover, they say that young people are usually more motivated to learn than grown people.

So, what is the reason for young people not being able to get a job because of their age?

I think that there are two meaningless reasons.

The first reason is when someone will know that company X employs teenagers, they will not want to be their clients. Just because of what? Because a person is 16, not 22?

In every job, employers expect employees to do their job. If a young man can do the job, then why not giving him a chance?

The second reason could be that young people may not behave like grown-ups, but how someone who is applying for a job will not act like one? 🤦

In my opinion, it is a waste of potential talents.

2. No jobs

99% of jobs for programmers are for experienced ones, usually +3 years of commercial experience in a software company, for regular developers, senior developers, tech leads, and so on. 1% is for juniors and interns.

You probably have seen some advertisements saying that programmers are in high demand.

That is true, but none of them mention that only the experienced programmers are wanted, and that is an entirely different scenario.

It is hard to get a job in a company, but it is much easier and faster to get a job working as a freelancer. The only thing you need to do is reach clients. Offer them your services like creating a website, redesigning it, or just maintaining it.

3. Hypocrisy of companies


“We want experienced people, but there are none of them, what’s wrong with the market?”

Also, recruiters:

“I won’t hire a junior!”

How do you expect to find an experienced programmer and get paid, when you will not give a chance to a Junior?

In most cases, Junior has the same knowledge as a Regular developer, and the only thing that differs them is how much they get paid.

4. Genius Juniors

According to lots of blog posts, programming community discussions, and everyone’s intuition, a Junior level can be a synonym to inexperience, novice, and relief.

In today’s world, there is no relief for our inexperienced novice programmers. Most companies want you to have almost a senior like experience from the beginning of your journey.

How someone who just started could be able to clone every Google service, or to know every existing algorithm?

Junior !== Senior !== Genius

5. Acting like a dumb

When you have a “Front-End Developer” in your CV, but company rejects you, because they want “Front-End Web Developer”. 🤦

Believe me or not, I have had that situation a couple of times. A company rejected me because I did not have in the title what they were looking for.

I think that Front-End Developer is the same as Front-End Web Developer, considering that their tech stack was HTML, CSS & JavaScript, but it seems like it is not.

6. Job in 3 months

Did you see the advertisements saying that you can become an experienced developer in 3 months?

Nothing could be more wrong than that.

Learning JavaScript can take many months to be able to feel confident using it in real-world projects. Moreover, there is no JavaScript genius at all, so you will be learning it every day until you stop programming. Not in 3 months, not in 15 months.

All the time.

7. No feedback

How are you supposed to know what to improve when no one gives you feedback in return?

I have to be honest with you, because this time, there is hope. Out of hundreds of companies that I have applied to, I got three feedbacks. WOW! 🥳

At least something.

8. Useless importance of CS

Join any Facebook group for programmers that are looking for a job.

All you will see is CS graduates posting that they want to work as a Junior developer when their portfolio either does not have a CSS linked to HTML, it consists of a simple To-do app, or does not exist at all, and their tech stack is HTML & jQuery.

But, for most of the companies, it is a must-have.

Why? That is a good question. 🤔

The end! 🎉

Keep in mind that this post is only for educational purposes. I do not bully anyone, and I do not want anyone to feel bad because of this post. Consider it as a programming meme that you may see every day.

Please let me know what do you think is the most absurd thing in our industry? Do you agree with my points? Feel free to comment!

Thank you so much! 💚